SQ4D, an autonomous robotic construction system company, recently unveiled America’s first 3D printed home. Boasting 1900 square feet and built completely on-site, the home took 48 hours of print time over eight days and used less than $6,000 in materials.

The home features a three-bedroom, 2-bathroom interior with a 2-car garage. Built using 3D printed cement, it has been listed for sale for $299,999 in Long Island, NY. Upon creating the home line by line, the 3D printers backfilled the walls, anchored bolts in, and assembled pre-built timber for the roof. Finally, a physical crew finished the walls, exterior siding, and appliances. The methods used to create the home were both carbon neutral and cost less than half of traditional buildings. As SQ4D creates more homes and implements post-construction enhancements, they aim to cut the process in half. Through the use of ARCS, a patent-pending technology that robotically builds foundations, exterior walls, interior walls, utility conduits, and more, the company can create homes that are environmentally friendly, more durable than wood-frame homes, and more energy-efficient than traditional builds.