Many composite product development cycles are becoming increasingly fast. Be careful to avoid overreliance on past part production experience if new materials and design are being introduced. Have measurable quality controls in place to monitor the production process in real time. Matching design to the production capabilities and giving real-time manufacturing process feedback to employees is valuable.

To get the right products to market on time and on budget, manufacturers require both modern tools and trained employees to consistently interpret the manufacturability, efficiency, and cost of their designs.  ACMA’s Certified Composites Technician (CCT) programs include knowledge areas that evaluate composites manufacturing applications of CAD technology, Industry 4.0 and production simulations. (For more information, visit

It is critical to train and enable personnel on relevant composite process technologies that are used in all phases of design, prototyping and production. Taking these factors into account at the start of design, through production can make new technologies successful. A combination of solid preparation, planning, design and engineering facilitates fast introduction of new composites products, which is increasingly critical for composites manufacturers’ success.