VAIO recently debuted the innovative new VAIO Z flagship model laptop, featuring a three-dimensional molded carbon fiber body weighing under 2.3 lbs.

The VAIO Z laptop utilized Uni-Direction carbon-fiber, a non-woven type of carbon fiber material with all the fibers running in a single direction. The process allows for the shape to maximize rigidity while drawing out the carbon fiber’s main characteristics. Due to the lightweight and unique nature of carbon fiber, the laptop was wrapped in an extremely light material while remaining durable as opposed to an aluminum casing.

“With over a decade of relentless carbon fiber research, VAIO has succeeded in creating and mass-producing the world’s first 3-D molded full carbon chassis for laptop PCs. VAIO has developed a unique process of working with carbon fiber to achieve beautifully contoured lines and the flexible molding of carbon fiber previously difficult to mass-produce. The achievement of harnessing carbon fiber’s full potential of lightness and durability is both revolutionary and evolutionary as we continue looking ahead.” says Kaoru Hayashi, Director, Vice President, and Head of PC Business at VAIO Corporation.

Though VAIO has previously created carbon fiber laptops, they often featured parts mixed with metallic and plastic. The VAIO Z’s entire laptop shell is 3D molded with carbon fiber, leading to its extreme durability. Along with carbon fiber specialists Toray, VAIO co-developed the technology and placed the device through various hard-core drop tests to prove that the carbon fiber laptop would remain unscathed. In a video demonstration, the computer was thrown from a 4 ft drop with no signs of damage, proving the strength of carbon fiber composites.


The laptop is currently available for pre-order on VAIO’s website, with prices starting at $3,580. View the laptop here: