Carbon Mobile, maker of the new Carbon 1 MK II smartphone, is moving the industry forward with a thinner, lighter, and more sustainable device.

According to the company, the electronics industry creates 50m tons of e-waste every year and 80% is not recycled. The materials used in the Carbon 1 MK II not only reduce weight and strengthen the device, but they can also be more easily broken down and reused for future devices.

The shape of the Carbon 1 MK II is a monocoque design and it is made of hybrid carbon fiber composites. Due to the strength of the design and the material, there is no need for a metal internal frame, further lightweighting the device. The use of carbon fiber brings the weight of the device down to 125 g, 33% less than the average smartphone weight of 182 g. The phone is also 25% thinner than the average 8.3 mm thick smartphone at only 6.3 mm thick. The reduced weight and size make the device easy to carry and use. Not only is the phone light and strong, it’s also sleek featuring a carbon fiber matte black color.

In the past, smartphone designers turned away from carbon fiber as a design material because of its signal blocking properties. After four years of research, Carbon Mobile came up with its patent-pending HyRECM® Technology (Hybrid Radio Enabled Composite Material Technology) forging carbon fibers with complementary ‘radio-enabled’ composites.

Explaining the direction of Carbon Mobile, CEO and chief technology officer Firas Khalifeh said, “We created Carbon to explore where others won’t dare and bring you the beautifully crafted miniature and sustainable tech of tomorrow, quicker. Through relentless R&D, we challenge the conventions of an industry that repeatedly ignores its responsibility to the planet and its people in the resources and processes it relies on.”