Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) will work together to build an upper premium electric vehicle (EV), combining WAE’s state-of-the-art composite electric vehicle rolling chassis, the EVX, with Italdesign’s vehicle design expertise. The base will allow the build of a range of upper premium EVs including GTs, crossovers, and sedans.

The EVX, built of recycled composite materials and aluminum, is lightweight and sets new standards for static and torsional stiffness. The front and rear chassis structures mount to the carbon composite case, providing the exceptional torsional stiffness required to realize the full potential of the platform, including transferring crash loads to the integral side sills. The platform accommodates wheelbases from 2900mm to 3100mm, with rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive layouts available. The modular platform can be customized by the team at Italdesign to meet the brand’s needs for marketing, etc.

The core pack of the EVX delivers 1000kW of power with 104kWh-120kWh of energy, with the ability to alter the module design to increase the core pack’s power to 160kWh for a vehicle range of up to 1,000 km between charges.