Using Arevo’s continuous industrial grade thermoplastic carbon fiber composite materials, Branch Creative designed the Scotsman electric scooter with both urban commuters and recreational riders in mind. Thanks to the composite materials, the Scotsman is impact resistant and light weight.

The handlebar, stem, and baseboard of the scooter are 3D printed without using glue or joints by implementing Arevo’s technology, which increases the strength of the vehicle. The technology used to fabricate the scooter’s frame provides up to 61x the strength-to-weight ratio of steel.

An additional feature of the Scotsman is that it is designed for individual riders, based on height, weight, and driving style, accommodating riders from 4’6” to 7’8” in height. The stem length and baseboard size are designed specifically based on each owner’s measurements.

The dual motor (2x 250W) scooter folds easily for transport and storage. The Scotsman PowerPack has a five-hour charging time and boasts a 70-mile range. The PowerPack is removable and can be charged anywhere. Three versions of the Scotsman are available, with the 500-watt version capable of a speed of 19 mph, the 1,000-watt version 31 mph, and the 2,000-watt 45 mph.