The latest innovation from Teijin Aramid’s long relationship with premium motorsport safety equipment producer OMP Racing is a custom-made protective motor racing suit designed for Envision Virgin Racing. Using Teijinconex™ neo fibers, the suit offers drivers outstanding light weight protection. Electric vehicles run on heavy batteries, so every bit of lightweighting helps the team’s performance. 

Safety and comfort are the crucial components of a motor racing suit, and the new suit designed for Envision delivers on both needs. Most racing suits are comprised of three layers. Due to the excellent protective qualities provided by Teijinconex™, the new suit is only two layers. The outer layer does not burn or melt when exposed to temperatures of up to 400° Celsius. The suit is 10% lighter than suits worn in the past, offering more comfort and better movement for the Envision drivers. 

The Envision Virgin Racing Formula E Team is also concerned with environmental safety, and Teijinconex™ is produced under the European Chemicals Agency’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) standards. 

“By incorporating Teijinconex™ neo aramid fibers into the suit design, we are putting down a marker for comfort, lightness, flexibility and color options in protective racing wear,” explained Otto Pomiano, research and development consultant at OMP Racing. “This innovative design will hopefully help Envision Virgin Racing’s drivers reach new levels of performance on the track. But, of course, our top priority remains driver safety, and the new suit has been rigorously tested in line with Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) standards.”     

Director of research & technology at Teijin Aramid, Daisuke Ozaki, added, “This innovative lightweight racing suit shows how effective research and development collaborations can enable dynamic breakthroughs in protective clothing. Our close partnership with OMP Racing has brought together the technologies and innovative capabilities of both companies. Together, we are harnessing the high-performance properties of our aramids to drive safety and performance in professional motor racing.” 

The real test is the driver’s experience wearing the racing suit. Robin Frijns, a driver on the Envision Virgin Racing Team, summed up the new suit by saying, “You can tell this suit is a real improvement on the previous suit. It’s comfortable, lighter and more flexible. I feel relaxed, protected and ready to focus on my job.”