Siemens Gamesa has produced six of the 81-meter long RecyclableBlades at its blade factory in Aalborg, Denmark and three major customers have signed agreements to purchase the new blades – RWE for the pilot project at the Kaskasi offshore wind plant in Germany, EDF Renewables for a future offshore project, and wpd for a future offshore wind power plant. The Kaskasi pilot project includes plans to produce energy from 2022 onward. 

“The time to tackle climate emergency is now, and we need to do it in a holistic way. In pioneering wind circularity – where elements contribute to a circular economy of the wind industry – we have reached a major milestone in a society that puts care for the environment at its heart. The RecyclableBlade is another tangible example of how Siemens Gamesa is leading technological development in the wind industry,” said Andreas Nauen, CEO of Siemens Gamesa.