Protection systems must find a balance between being lightweight and providing strength and safety in what can be life or death situations in strenuous environments. ExoTechnologies is also focused on working with sustainable materials while providing the crucial protection required in bulletproof components. To meet these needs, ExoTechnologies developed a ExoProtect, a new easily moldable bulletproof material created from DANU, a recyclable composite material that has also been used in boat hulls.  

ExoProtect is created from sustainable fibers and styrene-free resins. The DANU component has a specific resistance greater than stainless steel 316 and s-glass composite, is less brittle than carbon fiber, and is not compromised by water like polyaramid fibers such as Kevlar. Excellent protection from explosives, projectiles, and debris is provided and the composite material is vibration and corrosion resistant and can be formed to meet designs and geometries of a wide variety of vehicles from tactical marine craft to ground vehicles to military aircraft. 

An independent lab tested the material and granted ExoProtect ballistic resistance certification, strong enough to meet NIJ Level III and IIIA ballistic resistance standards. The material met industry standards for protection from small arms including 9mm and .44 Magnum rounds from 16 feet, and 7.62mm rounds from a range of 50 feet.  

“ExoProtect is an excellent step forward in the protection of personnel and equipment in vulnerable situations. In my experience, performance is usually compromised for safety. ExoProtect solves this problem with a stronger, lighter solution,” said founder of ExoTechnologies Rear Admiral (ret) Michael J Silah.