In order to meet European regulations, Local Motors was required to make adjustments to its Olli 2.0 autonomous vehicle, including additional components in windshield wipers and parts. The Local Motors team turned to CRP Technology and its 3D printable Windform® composite materials to create the necessary components. 

The Olli 2.0 is tall and rectangular in shape, with exceptionally large windows. The Local Motors team opted to retrofit the existing vehicle based on the original design, including a new front bumper, to fix both the wiper motor and the washer reservoir. In the first attempt at the design, the motor protruded from the bumper, so a decision was made to add coordinated covers to conceal the motor and to protect the reservoir. 

Carlo Iacovini, General Manager EMEA, Local Motors, called on CRP Technology. Mr. Iacovini explained, “We wanted to collaborate with an European firm, therefore we contacted CRP Technology, a company I have known for a long time and with which I have collaborated on relevant projects. Relying on CRP was the winning choice: the uniqueness of Windform® materials in terms of quality and strength allow achieving optimal results in a short time.” 

The CRP team 3D printed the cover for the wipers starter motor using the polyamide-based carbon fiber reinforced composite material Windform® XT 2.0. The material allowed designers to create the look they desired while maintaining the functionality and electromagnetic compatibility needed to support the oscillatory movement of the motor. The strength and stiffness of the materials hold up to the stress and vibrations experienced on the roads. 

The washer reservoir flap valve was created from the polyamide-based glass fiber-reinforced composite material Windform® LX 3.0, allowing quick access to the component while also meeting the aesthetics required and protecting the part. 

The parts were installed on the Olli 2.0 and tested by Local Motors with excellent results.