RML’s Short Wheelbase Car Zero will soon be tested and moved into production. The vehicle features a V12 engine and an innovative carbon composite body with styling based on the Ferrari 250 GT SWB.

The body of the Short Wheelbase car features two main “clams” designed of carbon composites and affixed to the vehicle’s chassis, providing rigidity and strength for safety. With the rear “clam” weighing only 40kg, the vehicle is also lightweight, maximizing on-road performance.

The design of the vehicle is showcased by an intense painting and finishing process. Layers of a special carbon primer, then a standard primer and a silver base coat will provide a lustrous bright blue finish. Some carbon fiber components of the vehicle, such as interior sections of the door, remain unpainted, allowing the carbon composite to show through a clear carbon primer and smoked carbon lacquer. Ben Amos, manufacturing engineer for the Short Wheelbase program explained, “We just want to remind owners of the high-end materials that go into this car. And while we’ve chosen a 60 per cent gloss for these exposed parts, it will be clear that they are the real deal.”