Slab B – Low carbon concrete + steel reinforcement 

Slab C – Conventional concrete + basalt reinforcement 

Slab D – Low carbon concrete + basalt reinforcement 

The research team is monitoring the slabs and test slabs were also sent to a laboratory for bending and shear testing. The test results will provide valuable information to allow the team to understand the structural behavior and benefits of the new, long lasting advanced materials, as well as demonstrating the sustainability of the materials. 

Carys Holloway, technology programme manager at the National Composites Centre, summarized the project by saying, “This project, its learnings and test results, is critical to understanding the impact of low carbon concrete and advanced composite reinforcement systems to reduce embodied carbon for the construction sector. I am eager to witness the expected ease of planning out of the basalt fibre reinforced slabs for recycling and the potential that has for end-of-life scenarios.”