Kaebon was founded in 2021 with the purpose of building the world’s lightest motorboats with a focus on cleaner and more sustainable boating. 

Kai Krause, founder and CEO of Kaebon, said of the EB Eins, “I thought it was about time to finally make power boating more sustainable without having to put pleasure on the back burner: power boating without regret.” 

The EB Eins is inspired by the dayboats of the 1920s with contemporary updates. Designers from Muniq Design agency relied on their experience with high-end automotive applications to provide the EB Eins with aerodynamic and hydrodynamic attributes to reduce drag and gain speed. To achieve these desired attributes, the vessel is built using a sandwich of vacuum-tempered foam-core prepreg carbon fiber.  

The standard 6,000-watt Torqeedo electric outboard motor is equivalent to a conventional 9.9 horsepower outboard. The 5,000-kWh lithium battery pack can be doubled as an option. The battery will power the vessel for 45 minutes at full performance and up to 10 hours when cruising slowly. The standard 650-watt charger recharges the battery in 10 hours. A 50-amp quick charger is available that will manage the recharge in under two hours. 

The EB Eins is 17.2-feet long and accommodates four people. Curb weight is just 196 lbs. and the final weight including the motor and battery is only 250 kg. Kaebon claims that it can be transported to the lake on top of a car or SUV – no trailer required. The special storage requirements of most boats are a thing of the past as the durable advanced materials used in the EB Eins allow it to be stored in a garage or backyard in the offseason. 

Introduced earlier this year, the EB Eins is available at a starting price of just over $65,000.