“We have found a niche where we understand family business, specifically composites family businesses,” says Multanen.

Getting Involved in ACMA

Some people may view involvement in ACMA – and the extra commitment of serving on the board of directors – as a distraction from running their businesses. But the team at Bestbath believes that membership in the association is vital to the company.

“ACMA is part of our success,” says Harris. “Megan brings back so much to our team about what’s going on in the industry and what we need to focus on. I see her involvement and leadership in the association continuing to be a huge value to the company.”

Multanen first got involved with ACMA approximately 12 years ago when she joined the Green Composites Council (now the Composites Sustainability Council). Through the years, she has also participated in the Architectural Division and on the Marketing & Communications Committee. She became a member of the board of directors in 2019, committed to bringing value to industry peers and pushing for innovation.

“ACMA allows anyone in this industry to come and learn how they can be innovative, whether that’s developing new chemistries or products, finding and hiring employees or seeking out new markets,” she says. “It allows you to say, ‘Here’s how I can continue to grow in this industry.’ ACMA is the place to do that.”

Embracing a Changing Industry

Multanen plans to focus on a handful of areas during her tenure as ACMA chair. The first is to ensure that the value of membership is clearly defined and shared.

“That’s different for big companies than small companies. It’s different for suppliers and manufacturers. Let’s be crystal clear and really thoughtful about who ACMA is helping and what we are doing to help them,” says Multanen.

Her second objective dovetails with the association’s new Climate Impact Project.

“We need to be thoughtful about our impact on this world and how we address the concerns people have about our materials,” she says. “How can we as an industry get ahead of it by saying, ‘This is what we do, how we do it and why composites are a better choice than other materials.’”

Her dedication to sustainability is genuine. One of the steps taken by Bestbath as part of its commitment to be carbon neutral was to install more than 750 Hyundai Green Energy solar panels on its factory roof in 2021.

Multanen also wants to bring a more diverse group of people into the industry and the association. “She will be a champion of encouraging, developing and furthering diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives,” says Jay Multanen.

He and Harris assert that Multanen has the right attributes to lead ACMA. She is open to new perspectives, promotes honest dialogue and takes action after thoughtful consideration.

“Megan represents the next generation of great leaders,” says Harris. “She grew up in the industry, so she respects everything ACMA has done to this point. But she will embrace the changes that lie ahead.”

Susan Keen Flynn is managing editor of Composites Manufacturing magazine. Email comments to sflynn@keenconcepts.net.