Inspired Overland was founded with the intent of developing products for off-road and overland campers that are affordable and high-quality. The company succeeded and received the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) Global Media Award for lightweight rooftop tents in 2022. With the new 80-lb. Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Rooftop Tent, the team from Inspired Overland was once again honored with the award in 2023. 

The new Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Rooftop Tent offers a more rigid roof and shell than its predecessor by using carbon fiber – a low weight and rigid material proven in some of the most demanding applications such as aerospace and automotive. Carbon fiber has seldom been used in rooftop tents with Inspired Overland one of only a few companies developing products using advanced materials. 

The carbon fiber hardshell and aluminum frame provide strength, stability, and ease of transport. When closed, the lid clamps to create an easy-to-manage slim package measuring only 4.75-in in height and weighing only 80-lbs.  

Comfort wasn’t neglected in the design of the Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Rooftop Tent. An 84 x 50-in sleeping area features an air mattress and anti-condensation mat. The 2,000-D polyester UV protected fabric walls include mesh windows with zippers. A skylight is also included. Integrated ducts allow for both vented heat and air conditioning into the tent and t-slots around the frame provide an easy way to mount accessories.  

First deliveries of the new rooftop tent are expected in spring 2024.